Légacy Launch Planning

Légacy by Eversys will be presented at Internorga in Hamburg this Saturday 30th of April 2022. It will be introduced as a 1-step machine until 2023 when a steam version will become available.

This new machine, in view of global certification requirements, will be launched in a global sequence, as follows:

  • Q2 2022- Europe

  • Q3 2022- Middle East

  • Q1 2023- North America

  • Q2 2023- South- East Asia.

Written pre-orders can be taken via e-mail, not via our Webshop, from May 1st 2022, with anticipated delivery dates will take place from September 2022.

Légacy Brochure

In developing Légacy, we had our 10-year journey to date in mind. We thought back to our roots, our heritage, and our attributes. And the idea came naturally; we would craft a compact machine that would unite the essence of who we are - without compromise, protect the values which remain close to our heart; we remain innovators, preservers of authenticity, and providers of market-leading in-cup quality. 

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